Does it come with a happy ending?

Spring 2016 Schedule So Far


Saldaje at 2016 Great Indoor Folk Festival–photo by Heather Jankens

We had an arctic blast playing to a brave full house of winter adventurers Friday the 12th at St. Ambrose Cellars. They are all our Valentines now!

Next up ( 2/21/16) is our 4th year at the Great Indoor Folk Festival in Traverse City, MI. This is always a super fun time with 100 different acts! We play at 2:30 at the North Duo Stage.

Looking ahead…in April we are very excited to announce this special event Mighty Uke Fest in which we will be performing before ukulele legend Lil Rev. See the link for full details.

February 29th—WTCM radio interview with Crystal Frost 11:30 AM 

March 1st—Lake Ann Brewing Company, 6:30-9:30pm

April 1st–St. Ambrose Cellars 6-9pm

April 16th–Mighty Uke Fest, Traverse City, MI

May 19th–Betsie Bay Furniture Benefit Concert Series-details soon



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