Does it come with a happy ending?


The Great Indoor Folk Festival 2015 and Lelu Love Triangle

Great in so many ways!! We had a wonderful time as always and got to hang out with our favorites Talantis and Jans (and D). This festival is always such a blessing in February when the cabin fever is trying to swallow my soul.

The weekend before we had another phenomenal evening at Lelu Cafe in Northport in a little Friday the 13th musical Love Triangle with duos Little Omena and One Music. I think my grinch heart grew 3 sizes that night.


Red Sky Stage, Petoskey MI, Jan 16th, 2015

Winter Mini series
Winter Mini series

1st Annual Mighty Uke Fest, Traverse City, MI

Mighty Uke Fest

1st ANNUAL MIGHTY UKE FEST PRESENTED BY THE STATE THEATRE AND THE RYAN DOBRY DIABETES CHARITY 1ST ANNUAL MIGHT UKE FEST OF TRAVERSE CITY ANNOUNCED MONDAY, MAY 12TH AT 7PM STATE THEATRE-FREE ADMISSION BENEFITTING THE RYAN DOBRY DIABETES CHARITY-SUGGESTED $5 DONATION Traverse City, MI- Documenting the history and recent resurgence of the ukulele, the film ‘Mighty Uke’ will be shown at the State Theatre as part of the 1st Annual Mighty Uke Fest of Traverse City with the film’s director, Tony Coleman in attendance. The fundraising aspect of the evening will benefit the Ryan Dobry Diabetes Charity which has assisted local diabetes clinics/programs and individuals in Northern MI for over a decade. Attendees are encouraged to bring a ukulele if you have one to join in the play/sing-a-long at the end of the film led by Traverse City’s own Miriam Pico. Pre movie entertainment provided by local uke band Saldaje and the Traverse Uke Group. Fundraising will be via suggested donation of $5/person, the raffling of a ukulele package from Marshall Music, a commemorative Mighty Uke ukelele from the film’s director and donation from a portion of proceeds from Mighty Uke T-shirts and DVDs also by the film’s director. This entertaining family oriented event plans to expand in future years. Contact Jody Brown at 231-218-0277 or email

Saldaje to play at “Dogman II” Premier

We are excited to announce that we will be warming up the stage this Saturday, Dec. 21st, for Rich Brauer’s new movie, “Dogman 2: Wrath of the Litter”. A film that Melonie personally got to be a production assistant on. It was a lot of fun!

Saldaje will start about 6pm and the movie is at 6:30pm

Movie Trailer:

After The Big Show/What’s Next?

So…for months we’ve been disigning a winter-themed show called “Winter’s Ghost”  to accompany our CD release party for our first CD, “Let Them Dance” at InsideOut Gallery to happen on the Winter Solstice, Dec. 21st, but a big snow storm descended upon the land and Saldaje, try as we might, was not able to dig ourselves out in time.  Three days later our power and heat were restored and we were able to begin anew. And now, after 2 reschedulings, we finally presented our show last night. I believe now that the delays were fate smillling upon us as the house was full and it was the best show, the audience was wonderfull and I’m feeling very blessed right now. It was a lot of work for one night, several people suggested we make it an annual show that we build on each year and try to have on or near the solstice. I like this idea a lot. I also think that we should record the songs and make them available in the future. So…it looks like “Winter’s Ghost” will continue to haunt us for a long time. It is all very exciting. We have a lot in the works.

Current Show Schedule For February 2013:

Feb. 2nd Manistee Frostbite Homegrown Saturday

Feb. 23rd Horizon Books Traverse City 

Feb. 24th Great Indoor Folk Festival, (in The Mercato at Building 50, Grand Traverse Commons, Traverse City,MI)


Film Fest, CD, Art Prize, Melonie’s Show…Oh My!

So…1st we will be playing three shows at the Traverse City Film Festival this year:

Sat. 8/4 at the Clinch Park Stage 4:40pm

Sun. 8/5 at the Miliken Auditorium 9am

Sun. 8/5 City Opera House 12 n00n

2nd-We plan to release our long awaited CD “Let Them Dance” in September…it’s nearly in your player already!!!! Parties TBA!!!

3rd— We are pleased to announce that we will be performing in Grand Rapids during Art Prize in collaboration with “The Looking Box” 

at Purple East on September 29th, 2012

Make sure that you hook up with us on Reverb Nation and Facebook  for the most up to date info.

Also…if you are in the Traverse City Area, be sure to check out Melonie’s Art exhibition “Sympathetic Magic”  showing through August 31st. 2012 at Gallery Fifty.

Winter plans…

Shaun on base

The past couple weeks we have been back in the studio plugging away. The goal is to have the CD done by spring. We are playing a full-bands worth of instruments between the two of us to really fill out the songs. We have decided to focus most of our time and money on this effort more than seeking show venues for now because we feel that it is important to get this done and have it available at the shows. If good performance opportunities come our way, we will take them of course, but we won’t be aggressively seeking them during the next few months.

Stargate Tamborine